Board Members and Staff

The Albany CSO Pool Communities Corporation was established to provide a mechanism to jointly manage the development and implementation of LTCP projects, oversight of program consultants and administrators, and reconcile program the finances. The Albany CSO Pool Communities Corporation Board meets the offices of the Capital District Regional Planning Commission, One Park Pl. Albany NY 12205. All meetings of the Corporation’s Board will be held at 10am unless noted otherwise. Budgets, minutes of Corporation meetings, and all corporation policies and are posted on their respective pages.

Board of Directors

City of Albany Board Member (represented by the Albany Water Board): Charles G. Houghton, III

Designee: William D. Simcoe, P.E.

Alternate: Tom Dufresne

City of Troy Board Member: Patrick Madden

Designee: Chris Wheland

Alternate: Andrew Golden

City of Cohoes Board Member: Bill Keeler

Designee: Garry Nathan, P.E.

Alternate: Joseph Seman-Graves

City of Watervliet Board Member: Charles V. Patricelli

Designee: Joe LaCivita

Alternate: David Dressel

City of Rensselaer Board Member: Michael E. Stammel

Designee: William Smart

Alternate: Mark Hendricks

Village of Green Island Board Member: Ellen M. McNulty‐ Ryan

Designee: Maggie Alix

Alternates: Garry Nathan, P.E.

County Sewer District Designees and Alternates

Albany County Water Purification District Designee: Executive Director

Alternate: Project Manager

Rensselaer County Sewer District Designee: Administrative Director

Alternate: Harry Tutunjian

Officers of the Board

President: William D. Simcoe, P.E.

Vice President: Chris Wheland

Treasurer: Tom Dufresne

Secretary: Andrew Golden