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View our Program Update Presentation to the Hudson River Watershed Alliance

Martin Daley, CDRPC’s Director of Water Quality Programs, presented Albany Pool Communities’ program updates to the Hudson River Watershed Alliance at their virtual September breakfast lecture. A recording of Martin’s presentation is available on the Hudson River Watershed Alliance’s YouTube channel here:

Managing Sewage Overflows Can Help Abate Climate Change – WAMC

As global climate strikes take place across the region today, another focus of climate change is an unaccounted-for source of greenhouse gas emissions. Hudson River sewage overflows are the culprit, and a new study suggests that stopping water pollution is an untapped strategy to mitigate climate change.

The plan to fix a problem in Albany that’s been a century in the making — and the concerns about that fix – All Over Albany

Large portions of Albany’s (very old) sewer system combine both sewage and stormwater. And when it rains a lot, the system can’t handle all that water. So the sewage ends up in the Hudson River. Yep, gross. It’s a serious environmental and health problem. But the city and its neighbors are currently working on a…
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Keeping sewage overflow at bay in Albany – News 10

Every year millions of gallons of sewage flow into the Hudson River and it’s especially bad when there’s torrential rainfall. When heavy rains cause sewage overflow a new $8 million project will keep debris from making its way into the Hudson River but it won’t keep out the sewage.