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Infrastructure Series: Wastewater Treatment – WAMC

Most people in America enjoy the luxury of washing waste down the drain or flushing it away in a toilet. But once it leaves the home, office or school, where does it go? What happens to it? In the latest installment of our infrastructure series, WAMC’s Jim Levulis explores the complex wastewater treatment industry.

New flexibility for city’s old underground spine – All Over Albany

The new sewer is part of a plan to direct separated storm water (that is, it doesn’t have sewage in it) both from Elberon and Quail Street (where the city recently installed permeable pavement that allows storm water to sink through it) and direct it into Washington Park Lake. The water department will be able…
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Albany Flooding Issue …..a promise kept. – Albany Times Union

The city set out on a solution that would address the flooding concern but also find a solution that is low maintenance, appealing and one that would assist the city in their commitment to the Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) which they are committed to over the next 15 years as part of a six…
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