Projects and Reports

The six Albany Pool Communities and two County Sewer Districts drafted the Long- Term Control Plan (LTCP) to strategically manage infrastructure improvements to meet requirements of the Clean Water Act in a cost effective manner that would bring each of the communities into compliance in the most cost effective way possible. A sophisticated modeling system was developed to estimate each project’s impact and a sampling program is underway that measure and reports on the effectiveness of the program.

The Long-Term Control Plan containing more than 65 projects and programs that will have a demonstrative impact on the water quality of the Hudson River, is aimed at abating untreated combined sewer overflows and removing a high percentage of debris and floatables from CSO discharges. The Implementation of the Plan is mandated by an Order on Consent issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Benefits of the LTCP

  • Meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act
  • Provides cost-benefits to Communities by pooling resources and sharing the costs across the six communities
  • Helps with economic development by making the shoreline of the Hudson attractive to developers
  • Increases recreational usage by making the river attractive for recreation, like boating, jet skiing and fishing
  • Promotes environmental preservation and supports healthy aquatic life
  • Projects are designed to protect residential property by mitigating localized flooding
  • Improves public health by reducing the flow of untreated water